EE Department Research


S/No Title
1 Validation of Induction Machine Performance Obtained from Finite Element Method
2 Optimization of PID controller Tuning Using a Hybrid GA-SPQ/IPM Algorithm
3 Performance Evaluation of Photovoltaic Solar Modules in Birnin Kebbi
4 Optimization of voltage regulation for 2 X 45 MVA 132/33 KV parallel transformers using Artificial Neural Network.
5 Design and construction of 1000 VA microcontroller based power inverter for medical equipment
6 Power system stability studies: A case study of the hypothetical 10, 000 MW power grid in Nigeria
7 Home Automation Over the Internet
8 Design and Development of an Electronic Billboard using Microcontroller
9 Design and Simulation of Three phase Automatic Under and Over voltage Devices
10 Development of embedded web control server using 16F877A microcontroller
11 Effect of poor Visibility on long Distance Microwave Transmission Propagation
12 Linear Model of a non linear power system component: Silicon Carbide Gate Turn Off for High Voltage Direct Current application.
13 Design of Digital Recursive Filter Using Artificial Neural Network.
14 Development of an improved routing topology for BUK intranet
15 Development of a computer controlled Printed Circuit Board Drilling Machine
16 Development of a microcontroller – based 8 – bit data logger
17 Development of Code division multiple access compatible with IS-95 standard
18 Finger print Image Enhancement with MATLAB
19 Design and Construction of Radio Frequency Identification Security Door Lock
20 Analysis of co-channel and adjacent channel interference suppression techniques in GSM networks
21 Adequacy and Reliability Assessment of 11 KV Distribution Network for Gwarinpa Housing Estate. Abuja.
22 Modeling and Simulation of a Solar Powered Refrigeration System
23 Reliability Assessment of 132 KV Transmission System (A case study of APO transmission Substation, Abuja Nigeria)
24 Development of access security codes for stream Video signal using Internet Protocol.
25 Odor Recognition System Using Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) Sensor and Fuzzy Neural Network
26 Remote monitoring of Distribution Transformer Substations for fast fault detection and clearance, A case study of 11KV G. R. A. Feeder P.H.C.N Katsina. [Using WIMO Technology]
27 Investigation of the performance of an inverter fed single phase induction generator
28 Model development for tracking transformer operating parameters and detection of incipient faults
29 Development of Medical Records Software for Bayero University Health Centre
30 Short – term load forecasting using Artificial Neural Network: A case study of 330/132 KV Kumbotso substation, Kano
31 Detection of high impedance faults (HIF) on 33 KV distribution feeder using the discrete wavelet transform method
32 Design and Simulation of Infrastructure Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)
33 Effect of Ground Conductivity on Ground Wave Field Strength
34 Fault location and distance estimation on power transmission line using discrete wavelet transform
35 Neural Network Prediction of Internet traffic, in the presence of self similarity


S/No Title
1 Dispersion Management in Single Mode optical fiber
2 New Approach to Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier Gain Flattening for Wavelength Division Multiplexing Optical Communication Systems
3 Neural – Network Based Model of an Industrial Oil-Fired Boiler System
4 Development of Microcontroller based Digital Energy Meter
5 Development of a Digital Frequency Modulated Transmitter Using Direct Digital Synthesis Techniques
6 Design of Generic Algorithm Based Power Oscillation Damping Controller for Static VAR Compensator
7 Implementation of a Fuzzy Logic Microcontroller For Temperature Control
8 Microprocessor – Based Fruit Drying System
9 Rain Attenuation Prediction Model for Point to Point Microwave Radio Links
10 Enhancement of Bit Error Rate Performance in Global System of Mobile Based on Wiener Channel Equalization Technique
11 Real power tracing with the application of game theory principle for deregulated power system
12 Design of Robust Power System Stabilizer Using Linear Matrix Inequalities for Oscillation Damping
13 Design and Performance Analysis of a STATCOM Damping Controller Using Artificial Immune Technique
14 Fetal Electrocardiogram (ECG) Analysis Using Adaptive Filter and Wavelet Transformation