Mechanical Department Research

On-going Research
  1. Development of Technology in the L.D.C. under the influence of Modern Industrialised Nations.
  2. Effective Utilisation of available technologies (Local and transferred) in accelerated Rural Development.
  3. Bringing about Technological Revolution in Nigeria through the coordination of the efforts of the artisans, research institutions, Financial Institutions and Rich Individuals or Entrepreneurs
  4. Heat Reclamation From Hot Rolled Steel Rods
  5. Solar Radiation Measurement And Analysis For Kano Location
  6. Investigation Of The Roasting Characteristics Of Cashew Nuts In A Fluidized Bed Combustor.
  7. Use of Waste for Electricity Generation
  8. Performance Eveluation & Exhaust Emission characteristics of Ci Engine operated on Bio-Diesel.
  9. Investigation of the Roasting Characteristics of Cashew Nuts in a Fluidized Bed Combustor